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Little princess

I miss her smile, her snort laugh, twinkle in her eye… …such sweet joy, pure light. God, I loved her. Standing here, her intestines draped over my hands, I know love her still.   Advertisements

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An unfortunate misunderstanding

“What iz dis god-awful carnage?” “You said to savage de jumentous Caballero, Comandante.” “Gavage!  To end his hunger strike so that we could interrogate him!” “Oh, I thought that you said savage…” “That is not what I meant!”

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Stars in our eyes

When I was a lad I had stars in my eyes, thought I’d meet a lass with stars in her eyes and we’d make our dreams come true. Then I married you. Bitch.

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Witchin’ an’ Bitchin’

Witchcraft can be a bitch. You spend hours studying books, trying not to fall asleep while you’re filtering out the words, making connections… Still. It’s fun to dress up and play with intestines.

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In his eyes

The first time I saw him that dark night there was a snarl on his face and a look in his eyes that chilled me to the core. In those eyes, I saw the black pit of hell.

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New Year’s Resolution 2013/2014

Trifecta asked folks to post their New Year’s resolution for 2013/2014 in just three words.  Here’s mine: – Drink less alcohol. This is because being drunk has never ended well, and as each beer is about 200 calories it takes … Continue reading

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Stand off

She’s behind that rock across the desert basin, peering at me through the scope of her rifle. Fortunately I’ve got her compact.  Time to dazzle the myopic bitch and get out of here…

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