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In his father’s footsteps

Edward was never popular with the other children; ‘Smelly Eddie’ they’d call him.  What did they know?  Maybe he did smell a bit, but it was just oil and grease! Edward spent all his free time oiling cogs, axles and … Continue reading

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She stood pointing the gun at him as he made his excuses. “Ohhhh, please, please!  I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.  I shouldn’t have, I’m so sorry, please!  I just, I thought…” he stammered, holding up his hands. “You thought … Continue reading

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Immaculate precision

Jurgen maintained his instruments religiously, keeping them sterile, polished, oiled and above all, sharp. He liked the way that they gleamed, chatoyant under the cold flourescent light when he laid them out on the tray, flawlesss, immaculate, waiting. He could … Continue reading

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