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It was a chilly night. Edith lay back and snuggled into the sofa, feet up on the coffee table in front of her. She gazed smiling at a glowing image of a woodblock print displayed on her tablet, Tama River … Continue reading

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Seeking paradise

Waking in the gloom, not sure if eyes open or not. Don’t care. Cloying stench fills mouth and nostrils; chest aches with every breath, resonating with the intense pain at the back of the skull. Everything aches. Every movement is … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: You’ve got the power

You have the power to enact a single law.  What would it be? Suggestion: – Legalize all drugs. Pros: – No more expensive drugs war which means more money for hospitals, schools, police, infrastructure etc Less crime due to less … Continue reading

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Creative writing prompt #45 – Food for thought

Rarasaur has another prompt, Schadenfreude; I don’t really find that funny though, so I won’t be writing about it. The alternative? Mudita.  This fits, because #45 at creativewritingprompts.com is to write 200 words about what ‘a garnish of joy’ reminds … Continue reading

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