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35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.


ou’ve probably never come across the word ‘ylem‘, but apparently it’s defined in alchemy as the root of all elements.  It’s a nice concept, having a single point in time where we can say that’s were it all began. Some … Continue reading

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View image | ylophagan pest Biting scratching gnawing fiend Chewing through my skin

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riting is a bit of a bugger I have to say. I know the rules.  Write something every day if possible, write every week as a minimum.  If you have writer’s block then there are writing prompts available on lots … Continue reading

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icious, that’s how humans would have described what had been done to that girl, viscous and premeditated. The way the killer had tortured and murdered the child was indeed thorough and very detailed, and this was why Federal Agent Robot … Continue reading

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tility Robot number 51020452 was, as its number indicated, one of many. It worked in harmony with a community of others, performing many tasks which were previously undertaken by humans.  Less humans opted to perform such tasks these days, even … Continue reading

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iming, it was all about timing.  Didn’t matter which weapon you used; if you timed it right, you could take out swathes of the rippers with one sweep of the blade. Luther knew this, and so he stepped in an … Continue reading

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Sixty Shades of Neigh

he had supple calves, the curve of toned muscles rippling gently along the luscious length of her legs.  There was a look in her eye, a spark.  She did that thing with her lip, and I knew I had to … Continue reading

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