A-Z April Challange 2015esperation floods your mind as you wake with a start, eyes flashing open to pitch darkness as you inhale stale, musty warm air into your lungs.

You have opened your eyes haven’t you? You’re awake, not still dreaming?

You feel wood beneath the palms of your hands as you try to sit up, only to thump your head against something hard. You curse and lie back down immediately, reaching up over your torso to rub your scalp.

Within a couple of moments the dizziness clears and you sit up again, more carefully this time.

So you’re in a box. A coffin? If so then maybe you’re under about ten feet of earth.

Can you get out?


…how much air do you have?

Your breath is loud in your ears and you suddenly realise you’re breathing quickly. You slow down your breathing, calm your thoughts for a moment.

There must be a way out. This is all a mistake; you can’t be here, this can’t be happening.

You reach into your jacket pocket for your phone, your fingertips questing for the power button as you pull out the device. The light is bright at first and you squint as you peer at the screen, eyes focusing on the signal strength display.   No signal.  Ok.  Now the battery display.



You press the power button again as the screen begins to fade, waking it up again.  You hold up the phone and hold it in front of you, using the light to explore your surroundings.

Yep, it’s a wooden box.  You turn off the display to conserve energy while you think.  You take a couple of deep breaths.

What if you’re not underground yet, what if you’re just in a box?

You reach out above you and tap with your fingertips…

…and you hear an echo!

Giddy with excitement you press your palms against the box ceiling and draw back your arms, bending them at the elbow, and thump your hands against the wood.  You draw back your arms and thump against the box lid again, again…

…you feel the lid loosen a bit and you allow yourself a smile as you see bright light shine in through a gap as you greedily suck in cool fresh air.  You’re going to get out!  Wherever you are, whatever the hell is going on, you’re going to get out.  You draw back your arms and hit out again, again, AGAIN…

…suddenly the box lid flies up and away from you, and you hear it thump to the side as your vision is flooded by white light.  Shielding your eyes with one arm you sit up and clutch the side of the box, breathing in ragged gasps.  You smile fully now, grinning like a child at Christmas as the sunlight warms your face.  You open your eyes slowly as you lower your arm, and the white haze fades into a brilliant blue sky.

You take a deep breath, exhaling a sigh of relief.

You look around you and see that the box is in a green field; there’s nobody around, and all you hear is birdsong.

Then you notice the mist beginning to rise around you, from within the box.

Wait…mist?  Steam?  What is it?

Why is it rising from around you?

You look down and see the mist is coming from out of your clothes, rising in clouds from your skin…

…that’s when you feel your skin stinging as if it had been pricked by thousands of tiny needles.

Then it begins to burn.

Invisible claws rake at your skin and tear into your body as the burning becomes incandescence.  As the pain takes over your mind you hear screaming and shrieking, and you wonder where it’s coming from.

“Fucking vampires.  Not so fucking clever now are you, motherfucker?” you hear an old man’s voice growl behind you.

As you black out, you suddenly realise that the screams were your own.


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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