Who will inherit the Earth – humans or cows?

Holstein cattle, the dominant breed in industr...

Holstein cattle, the dominant breed in industrialized dairying today (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of imagining the usual nuclear winter dystopia scenario we’ve all seen in so many books and movies, try and imagine a different one.

In this scenario we eat lots of cows, just like we do today.

Cows are big beasts and need to consume lots of grass to be useful to us; this means they need lots of land and water.

Oh and they fart a lot, which means they produce lots of greenhouse emissions.

I’ve just discovered almond milk, that is milk made from almonds.

Apparently it uses less land for more milk, and it’s better for us than dairy milk.

This is a good thing, because with our rapidly burgeoning population and depleting fresh water sources we need to think about using and distributing what we have more efficiently.

If we simply keep on munching hamburgers at the rate we are, then we’ll die out and the cows will inherit the land long before we press the big red button.

On the other hand, we could simply eat less cows and consume less of their milk.  They’ll need less land, and we’ll use it more efficiently.

Look after the land and the land looks after you; that’s what I think.

So, what’s it to be?  Who will inherit the Earth?

Us or the cows?


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using Stumbleupon.com, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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3 Responses to Who will inherit the Earth – humans or cows?

  1. AnnIsikArts says:

    Haven’t eaten a hamburger in over 25 years. You’re right with all this stuff. 🙂

  2. Tarkabarka says:

    My bet is on the cows. 🙂
    Welcome back to A to Z! Don’t forget to put the badge up! Have fun! 🙂

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary – Epics from A to Z
    MopDog – The crazy thing about Hungarians…

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