Table manners

Bored little girl at dining table

Photo source

Look into my eyes. What do you see?

Boredom? Frustration?

Damned right.

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t cuss.

Why haven’t these old folks finished eating? At home when I’m finished eating I can ask to be excused from the table and then I can go outside, but this is some fancy dinner table or something so I have to wait.

How much longer? Somebody said there’ll be dessert at least and maybe some chocolates after.

Can’t I just leave and come back for the dessert?

No. I have to stay and wait.

It’s manners.

I hate manners, they’re boring.

The old folks are boring, just a load of old fuddy duddys chewing their food real slow like cows, and mooing and braying just the same.

Well, they’ll get what’s coming to them, and I don’t mean dessert.

I’ve got something that’ll rock their world.

Where’d I put that itching powder?


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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2 Responses to Table manners

  1. tempestletrope says:

    I think I like this kid already!

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