Daily Prompt: The Show Must Go On

Making Movies

Making Movies (Photo credit: brtsergio)

Been a while since I’ve reacted to a Daily Prompt such as this; I’ve overlooked the WordPress Daily Prompts and Weekly Prompts and taken part in the many other challenges I’ve found since deciding to blog on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, this one caught my attention.

It asks which we’d rather be, director, producer or lead performer.

I’d be a producer, then a director.


If you search for what a movie producer does, and what a movie director does, it will quickly become apparent that the producer does nearly everything that needs to be done in order that the director can get on with realising their artistic vision.

Yeah, so the director may get plied with movie screen-plays, fine food and intoxicants at junkets and private parties.  They may get to play make-believe just as many of us did in our childhood, and turn some sparse scene descriptions and snappy dialogue into a full-blown special effects strewn epic extravaganza which, if the few big media companies do as agreed, will get five out of five stars from every online and printed publication that they own, thereby perhaps influencing the audience’s decision on whether or not to shell out for a movie ticket and then pay the same again for confections and beverages etc.

That was something I didn’t realise; the producer deals with distribution as well as getting the movie project off the ground and running in the first place.

It’s a lot of work.  On the other hand, the director can’t do their job properly unless they understand what’s going on around them, and they probably rely very heavily on their team of producers.

The thing is, being a producer would really teach you about the business.  You’d learn everything you needed to make your own movie, independently of anybody else from finding a script, to getting the funding, to getting cast and crew together, to getting the movie distributed and promoted.  You’d make all the connections you needed, all over Tinsel Town.

Then you could get on with directing, knowing full well what you could offload and what you could comfortably take on yourself.  You could sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of the people you need and make the most efficient use of your time so that you could really focus on interpreting that as yet undiscovered gem of a screenplay and bringing it to life on screen.

If I were to go into the TV or movie business I’d have to be a producer first, director second.

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