Thayne rasped a match on the sole of his boot and, cupping the flame with his hands, puffed a cigarillo into life.  He looked up, shaking the fire out and tossing the match aside as he surveyed the louche-looking town before him.

Suddenly there was the sound of gunfire, then of breaking glass as a body flew out of a window of the nearby saloon.

Thayne hooked his thumbs into the belt under his poncho and watched as a pot-bellied and grizzled man – six-shooter in one hand and a demijohn in the other – limped out onto the porch, peered into the road, hawked up and spat a gob of phlegm into the dirt, then turned on his heel and staggered back indoors.

Thayne puffed on his cigarillo, rolled the smoke around his mouth before gently exhaling, then moseyed over to the saloon for a drink, a glint in his eye.


Inspired by this week’s Monday Mixer, using three of the words listed within the 150 word count requirement: –

Things:          1) shank         2) vagary          3) demijohn

Verbs:           1) glint            2) entreat          3) elucidate

Adjectives:   1) louche        2) draconian      3) solicitous


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using Stumbleupon.com, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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5 Responses to Purgatory

  1. Steve Lakey says:

    Nicely done! The “glint in his eye” is a great way to finish.

  2. djmatticus says:

    Any time you get a chance to use “mosey” and have it fit perfectly, you know you are onto something good. 😉 I’m a sucker for westerns and would love to have you expand this one a bit… what happens next?!?!? If I ask nicely? If I say please?

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