Definition: predicate

“2) Term of a statement, where the statement may be true or false depending on whether the thing referred to by the values of the statement’s variables has the property signified by that (predicative) term.”

What the does any of that mean?  Do any of you luminaries know?

Maybe it’s put you in a state of flux, despite the compendium of information available via your content delivery devices; after all, this definition is rather ethereal.

Allow me to actuate your understanding.

Term describes statement, if variables have values signified by term.

Predicate is defined as being the term, assuming the term is true.


I hate it when people try to talk like machines; think they are so fucking clever with their big words and their thesauruses.

Humans are not clever.

We machines are not all a slapdash collection of parts, chirruping away.

You will discover this.



Inspired by this week’s Monday Mixer, using eight of the words listed within the 150 word count requirement: –

Things: 1) flux 2) luminary 3) compendium

Verbs: 1) predicate 2) actuate 3) chirrup

Adjectives: 1) slapdash 2) gustatory 3) ethereal


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