Boat trip

“Where Next,” painting by Edward Frederick Brewtnall (1846 – 1902).

“Where Next,” painting by Edward Frederick Brewtnall (1846 – 1902).

“Oh Harold, it’s simply wonderful to have our honeymoon on this beautiful island in the Mediterranean; I’m ever so happy!” Constance simpered, laying her hand delicately on his forearm.

“Rather! Though it is somewhat warm isn’t it?  Though we’ve just finished breakfast, and it’s only half-past ten, it’s getting hot already!” he replied, adjusting his tie and flapping the lapels of his tweed jacket.

“I know; why don’t we go on a boat ride?”

“Capital idea!  The sea breeze will cool us down, and we may even see some dolphins!”

“Dolphins?  Do you really think so?”

“Oh yes, quite common around here, so I gather.”

“You are ever so clever Harold.  What will you think of next?”

“Well, we could take a hamper, could we not?  We could ask Mrs Dimitriou to make a basket up for us.”

“Oh yes, do lets!”

And so, armed with a basket of bread, cheese, wine, and a jar of Mrs Dimitriou’s olives, they secured a boat and set out for the open sea.

“I say,” remarked Constance, “this breeze is simply delightful!”

“Indeed!  And did you ever see waters so blue?  I wonder how deep they are…”

“Abaht eight hhandrad fathohms” interjected the skipper, gruffly, from behind his coarse wiry beard.

Harold peered over the side of the boat into the depths below.  After a few moments, his face blanched.  “By crikey, what in the blazes is that?!”

“What is it Harold?”

Two gigantic tentacles covered in suckers shot out of the waves and flopped over the sides of the boat, pulled hard…


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