I didn’t mind being turned into a dog by that old woman she was a witch I think and I think I made her angry but I don’t remember and now I’m a dog but I don’t mind because I can run fast and jump high and bark really loud and I can hear and see and smell better and everything so that is good.

Every day I wake up and then I wait and then they wake up and I hear them and I feel really happy and then they open the dining room door and I jump at them and lick their hands and then they make toast and coffee and I wait and then they give me a bit and I like it because it is crunchy and then they watch TV and then they go out and lock the door and I am on my own again which is boring but then I go to the chair by the window and bark at people walking by and there is a dog next door and I bark louder than him but he still tries to bark louder than me but I win so that is good.

After a very long time they come back and I hear the car engine outside and I jump down off the chair by the window and I go to the door and I hear the key in the lock and I am very happy and then they come in and I jump at them and lick their hands and then they make coffee and change their clothes and make food and they put some meat and biscuits in a bowl and I like it because it is meaty and crunchy but I like to try new things and their food smells different and interesting so I wait by the table and sometimes they give me a bit of meat and I like it so that is good.

Once every few days they attach a leash to my collar and they take my ball and a plastic bag and they take me out and they lock the front door and we walk and I sniff at lampposts and walls because other dogs have peed there and this is my territory so I pee there and then it is mine again and not theirs and then we go to the park and they throw my ball and I run after it to show them how fast I can run and then I take the ball back and they throw it again and I like running and showing them how clever I am and sometimes there are other dogs so I run after them and I sniff at them and they sniff at me and then I go to take the ball back so they can throw it again because I like running it make me happy so that is good.

Yesterday they came home after I had been in the house all day by myself and barking and waiting and they made coffee and changed their clothes but then they did something different in the kitchen they had been shopping again but there was something new it was CAKE and I had not eaten cake in very long time and I really like cake and they put it on the table and smiled at me and pointed at the cake and then I looked at them and licked my lips and wagged my tail and they smiled and pointed at the cake and then I put my front paws on the table and they did not tell me to get down and I sniffed at the cake and they did not tell me no or tell me to get down and then I licked the white soft stuff on the top of the cake and it was very sweet and I liked it and I wagged my tail and looked at them and they smiled and nodded so I ate the cake and I liked it a lot and then I felt very happy and I ran around a lot and I was very fast and I barked a lot and they got my toys out and they played with me and we were all very happy so that was good!

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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15 Responses to Cake

  1. high five and raspberries says:

    ha must be a jack russell because your sentences go on forever and you seem to be always thinking ahead to the next adventure-meal and you like to bark ..

  2. Patricia says:

    A happy story so that is good. 🙂

  3. The word for the week was “bliss”, but that story fits that picture and the word – good job!

  4. I just love your sentences! It’s so refreshing to see how to use ‘and’ lol. Your piece reminds me of how children speak/write with all the ‘ands’ that would make any teacher tell them to use punctuation and a range if connectives! But it is how children speak and write and I can imagine exactly the doggy in this and his thought processes. Absolutely brilliant and very well written despite the lack of punctuation and connectives (as a teacher would say lol). xx

    PS i never ran out of breath as I read each ‘sentence.

  5. burntcore says:

    This was so adorable! Perfectly done from the pov of the dog. SO cute!

  6. Joe Owens says:

    Wow, take a breath dog! You are so hyper I think you must have had several of these sugar laden cupcakes.

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