Smoo Cave, Durness (Highland, Scotland). Photo taken by Florian Fuchs, WikiCommons.

Smoo Cave, Durness (Highland, Scotland). Photo taken by Florian Fuchs, WikiCommons.

Dingle and Mortimer stood in one of the chambers in Smoo cave, Scotland, examining a meteorite they’d found while looking for research material for their PhD’s.

“It’s not your standard meteorite” said Dingle, turning the football sized lump of rock over in his hands “too light, and porous.”

“I’ve seen meteorites that look porous; there’re different kinds” Mortimer replied.

“No, this one doesn’t just look porous, it is porous” he brought the rock close to his nose, sniffed at it “smells funny too, like, I don’t know.  Here, you smell it” as he stood up and held it out to his colleague.

Mortimer took the rock and had a sniff.  “Yeah, smells like burnt copper or something…you think this one’s a pallasite?”

“Pallasite?  You ever held one of those?  They’re as heavy as fuck; no, this one’s different somehow.”

“Well, crack it open and let’s see what’s inside.”

“I don’t know…maybe we’d better just take it back to the lab…”

“Oh go on, just bust it open and let’s get a proper look at it.”

“Yeah alright, probably won’t do any harm…”

Dingle smashed the rock; a flash of light lit up the cave.

They didn’t have time to scream.


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