Daily Prompt: You’ve got the power

You have the power to enact a single law.  What would it be?

Suggestion: – Legalize all drugs.

Pros: –

  1. No more expensive drugs war which means more money for hospitals, schools, police, infrastructure etc
  2. Less crime due to less arrests, freeing up police resources to focus on more serious crime
  3. Prison population decreases, reducing strain on prison system
  4. Less funding for terrorists, reducing their capability to harm others
  5. Drugs regulated which means quality improves and there’s less uncertainty regarding ingredients of man-made drugs or fertilizers used to produce herbal drugs
  6. Drugs taxed which means tax revenue to fund treatment centres, hospitals, education, police, infrastructure etc
  7. Drugs readily available and as such are no longer seen as cool by kids

Cons: –

  1. Possibility of short-term increase in drug use as users can’t believe their luck and go on a binge
  2. US prison system (privately owned) loses revenue, which also means shareholders in prison system get less revenue
  3. Pharmaceutical industry sell less anti-depressants and painkillers leading to loss of revenue, which also means shareholders in pharmaceutical industry get less revenue

Just to add fuel to the fire…

When overall harm to society and the drug user...

When overall harm to society and the drug user are considered together, alcohol is by far the most damaging (despite being legal more often than the other drugs) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m biased as you can see, although it seems like the pro’s outweigh the cons.  What do you think?


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10 Responses to Daily Prompt: You’ve got the power

  1. themavrick2 says:

    I agree Legalize all drugs. Its good for the money, and it could help in other ways too. This may be cold, but making drugs legal could also help get rid of some bad people. Like people that do harder, addicting, and potentially lethal drugs, like heroin. I know some good hearted people get into these things, and its a shame, but for the most part you have to be a little stupid to get into hard drugs in the first place. Its like a baby touching something hot, you know the risk but your curious so you try it anyway. But anyway if you lack the ability to deny something you know is bad, maybe you lack the motivation to be an upstanding citizen. In this case it may not be a bad idea to let those people do the dope easier so then maybe there will be less of them around.

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  3. djmatticus says:

    Your write-up pretty much sums it up. After a short period of transition where things could get sticky the long term social and economic benefits seem pretty straight forward. And considering the hypocrisy of having alcohol legalized it seems fairly ridiculous that none of the rest have ever really come close (except for MJ, of course).

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