Trade route to the foothills

“You’re just jealous.”

“Of what?  You’re a jack of all trades, master of none.  Where’s your direction?  What’s your passion in life?  And don’t say me, that’s taken for granted.”

“You’ll see Maya.” Amadeo replied steadily.

That conversation took place nearly a year and a half ago, a full year before the Abatement had changed their lives and sent them on the road in their wagon.  Since then, Amadeo obtained business qualifications, and used his knowledge of tongues to become a reputable tradesman.  He knew the way to the foothills, and onwards into the Western Reaches, towards Zenith.


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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4 Responses to Trade route to the foothills

  1. I love how you move this story through what seems like different times and realities. Interesting indeed.

  2. djmatticus says:

    Good stuff again. Always setting the stage perfectly and leaving the audience wanting more.

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