Boss Benedict

Turkish Baths

Turkish Baths (Photo credit: UK Pictures)

Basking in the balmy waters of the bagnio, Benedict browsed in the bag beside him and began to roll a blunt as a Barbie doll blew him below the bubbles.

Before long, by and by, Benedict was baked and feeling full of bonhomie as his balls bumped against Barbie’s breasts.

Bang! The doors burst open and two burly bodyguards entered, bearing Bill, a beetle-browed bacchanal.

“Boss, behold! We’ve brought Bill, who borrowed ten thousand bucks, blew it on blackjack, then bought a bus ticket to bolt outa town!”

“Bring him here” Benedict bellowed with brevity, for brilliant this was, but he was busy and in no mood for blarney.

Bill, brought before the boss at his behest, began bubbling like the bathwater.

“Bah! Begin you batrachivorous buffoon, or be sorry your bitch mother begat you.” Benedict snapped brutishly.

“Begging your pardon boss”, Bill began, balbutient, “but while I’m not best at blackjack, perhaps I’ll be better at bezique?”

Benedict fairly bounded from the bathwater at this, his boner bouncing with his belly, shedding bubbles withal; the bodyguards blushed and bowed their bonces at this brash display of boisterousness.

“Bugger that you babbling balatron!  Best bring back the readies, or my bodyguards will begin by breaking both your big toes!”

“But boss, I’ve been burgled!  The box of money I buried beneath my bed…but bear with me, for in my breeches I have a billet for a bet on a boxing bout, it begins before midnight!”

“Better be a sure bet, and no more baloney!  Boys, bring me my bathrobe.  Bring Bill to the billiard room, the boxing match begins soon” Benedict blustered, now feeling bellicose and belligerent.


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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4 Responses to Boss Benedict

  1. Brilliant bantering!

  2. kaye draper says:


    Stopping over from the A to Z. Happy blogging! (And I love your profile pic!)

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