Copyright – Lora Mitchell

It had travelled so very far through the dark, cold vacuum of space curled up in its hard shell, hibernating; so very, very far.

The creature had gone unnoticed as it fell into the atmosphere of this planet, hurtling through the air to finally land in a field of lilies.  It had crawled up into one of the flowers, hoping to form a symbiotic relationship with the plant, but failed to do so.

Raquel removed the gift wrap from the newly delivered flowers in her city apartment, leaned forward and put her nose into one of the open trumpets, inhaled…


Written for Friday Fictioneers – the idea is to write a very short story (circa 100 words) based on the picture prompt supplied.


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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38 Responses to Parasite

  1. The alien caught up in a glob… Poor thing. Hope Rachel sneeze.

  2. Iris says:

    I’m not assuming it is malicious. What if it turns Rachel into… let’s see… a hugely successful space engineer who solves the problem of warp speed? You never can tell what an alien might do.

  3. Sandra says:

    And now it’s lodged in her brain… gross. Such a different take on the prompt – well done.

  4. Oh no what terror to fall on this city now that the alien has a host. I enjoyed you story.

  5. This story really flowed well and I enjoyed it, as well as the hanging ending. Nice start to a much bigger story.


  6. Ohhh, this is goooood! Makes me want to watch the movie that’s this is sure to pan out into… something really weird and full of horror.

  7. djmatticus says:

    Creepy!! I’ve found too many bees nestled snuggly within flowers to know to stick my nose in there without looking first, but now I’m going to have to worry about crazy alien parasites too!!

  8. Creepy, horrifying and very well done!

  9. Body snatcher remake
    ughhh not again

  10. elappleby says:

    Very good – although I’d rather be inside a lily than stuck up someone’s nose 🙂

  11. Joe Owens says:

    The possession begins. What will the alien do next?

  12. jwdwrites says:

    Who’d be an alien huh? In through the nose? Yuk! Good story 🙂

  13. denmother says:

    Well, at least it didn’t crawl in her ear!

  14. billgncs says:

    I like that! Will it abandon her for a better specimen? Is it good or evil?

  15. I’ll think of this next time before I sniff.

  16. Sarah Ann says:

    Love your take on the prompt. At least it wasn’t a bee. But is creature friend or foe?

  17. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Imaginator,

    This was the start of a great story (as in longer) but even in its embryonic stage was perfectly formed. Well done.



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