Creative writing prompt #46 – A hot summer day

Hot sunny day in Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Absent minded souls lazily drifting down winding paths, roaming, grazing, pausing to catch their breath

Hands clutching ice-cream cones and cold bottles, sweet respite imbibed in shade of leafy alcoves

Orb shining incandescent, bright and ceaseless, pounding as the incessant beat of a sailors drum

Teasing, the summer breeze gently caresses bare limbs and faces, ruffles hair with kindly touch

Skin warmed, takes on hues of gold and vermilion as it sizzles in the noonday sun

Undulating blades of grass sway and dance to unheard music, waving to passers by

Mellifluous birdsong fills the trees, percolating through branch and twig, a siren’s call

Multitudes of fauna hum through the air in steady rhythm, gathering food by royal decree

Euphoric blooms proudly bear their colours, glorious and triumphant; for their hour has come at last

Rambunctious dogs scamper and jump about, filled with the joy of innocent youth they frolic and shout and laugh

Dripping from brow, beads of briny moisture roll glistening over cheeks and neck, trickling in rivulets down the spine

Absorbing light, refracting, soaking into the warp and weft of fabric, into crevice and cleft withal

Yesterday, tomorrow are far from here; distant lands beyond mind and memory.

Based on a prompt from


About TheImaginator

35 year old sciolist living in Tokyo. I like swing dancing, Twitter word games, writing, using, reading, and watching movies. I write stuff on my blog occasionally.
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3 Responses to Creative writing prompt #46 – A hot summer day

  1. djmatticus says:

    If I haven’t already asked, are you interested in doing a guest blog for the matticus kingdom? it could be whatever you feel like doing, or I could send you some prompts if you wanted. Just email me at if you want to!
    If I have already asked you, and you aren’t interested, sorry for bugging you. 😛

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