Creative writing prompt #45 – Food for thought

Rarasaur has another prompt, Schadenfreude; I don’t really find that funny though, so I won’t be writing about it.

How to make a fool of yourself with a banana s...

Lol! Not. (Photo credit: purplemattfish)

The alternative? Mudita.  This fits, because #45 at is to write 200 words about what ‘a garnish of joy’ reminds me of.

Well, it made me think of cats eating at a dining table.

Well-mannered cats eat at the table

“You know what this needs?” (Photo credit: Jared Klett)

They might need some garnish right?  What do you think they’d think of?

cat n catnip

Man, I iz so wasted… (Photo credit: safoocat)

Exactly – herbs.

Now, from what I gather, there are people of a certain mindset who just don’t want people to partake of herbs, not only because they’ve never partaken of them (cough – liar – cough), but because they are a bit, shall we say, conservative.  So you know what I’d garnish their salad with at their next conference?

Hikuri (3)

Should I place it on top or mix it in? (Photo credit: antefixus21)

That’s right – spread the joy!  It’s not for us, dear readers, it’s to liberate these people and expand their minds.  After all, if it’s cool for cats…

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6 Responses to Creative writing prompt #45 – Food for thought

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  2. rarasaur says:

    I feel joy for the cats who feel joy from eating on tables– mudita, indeed! 🙂

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