Creative writing prompt #44 – High jinks

Elevator Shaft, New York, NY

Elevator Shaft, New York, NY (Photo credit: Grufnik)

Shaggy went and stood in a corner at the back of the elevator as the doors closed behind them.  Looking down at the floor, wringing his hands as his knees greeted each other, preparing to knock, he didn’t feel like a grown up.

He glanced up at the well toned, Lycra covered legs in front of him.  Gosh she was pretty!

“Like, uh, whaduya figure the food’s like here, eh Batgirl?”

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, then turned to face him with a puzzled expression.  “Is that really all you think about?”

“Like, ah, yeah!  What else would I be thinking about?”

Batgirl crossed one arm across her waist and put a finger up to her mouth, paused in deep thought for a second.  “Well, how about the commoditisation of women?”

“Like, ah, what?”

“I’ve been reading some peer reviewed journals which suggest that women are being treated as expendable, like objects which can be bought and sold and…well doesn’t any of that bother you?”

Shaggy shrugged his shoulders, and started rummaging around in the pockets of his khakis.  He’d been told that Batgirl could be a little bit intense sometimes; what he really needed right now was a good old Scooby Snack ™.

“I mean, what would Emily Pankhurst have said if she were here? By jiminy, there was a woman I could look up to” Batgirl continued brightly, setting her hands on her hips, “why, if she were here, she’d show those boys a thing or two, right?”

“Ummmf” nodded Shaggy, crumbs falling from the corners of his mouth as he savoured the taste of the cookie.

“Hmm” Batgirl turned her back on Shaggy once again and crossed her arms. “I’m not at all sure you’re taking me seriously Shaggy”, she said, glancing at him and then turning her head away again, tossing her hair.

Just then the elevator jolted under their feet and the lights flickered; Batgirl got into fighting stance.

“Zoinks!” shreiked Shaggy, already holding onto one of Batgirl’s legs with all four of his limbs, his teeth chattering as his eyes darted around.

“Oh, don’t be such a fraidy-cat Shaggy” as white hot sparks flew out above their heads, slowly drawing a ring.

They both skipped out of the way just as the metal disk of the ceiling clanged to the floor in front of them.

A young man’s head popped into the elevator, his face partially masked.  He looked around, then down at Shaggy. “Holy hippy!  Dude, what are you wearing?!” he said, animatedly.

“Jeepers Robin, what are you doing?” Batgirl demanded.

“Did I scare ya?  Huh? I’ve been working on this for weeks, I’m going to do it just like Bruce!  Here, watch this” Robin said, pulling himself through.

“Now now, Dick” said a mature voice above them as Robin was pulled back up through the hole, “you’ve started the party early haven’t you?  You’d better come with me.”

“Awww! I never get to stay up late anymore!” protested Robin.

“I told you to stick to the buttermilk.”

Batman peeked through the ceiling at Batgirl and Shaggy, and gave them a salute.  “Good evening, Batgirl, young man”, then disappeared into the night.

“Well” said Batgirl as she whipped out her bat-a-rang gun,  looking at Shaggy then glancing up at the ceiling “I suppose now that Robin’s broken the elevator, we’ll have to go the same way they did if we want to go to the party”.

Shaggy gulped.

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6 Responses to Creative writing prompt #44 – High jinks

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  3. djmatticus says:

    Brilliant! Can see Shaggy gulping in my head there in the end. Nicely done.

  4. Truly bizarre.
    Love it!

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