Creative writing prompt #42 – Altered state

Intelligent contact lens - Kaweh Mansouri - TE...

Intelligent contact lens – Kaweh Mansouri – TEDxSanDiego 2012 (Photo credit: TEDxSanDiego)

So, the thing is, I can change the colour of my eyes at will. Neat trick huh?

Yup, I got myself these fancy contact lenses; they detect electrical impulses from my brain via my optic nerves or something like that. I can make it change from brown to hazel, hazel to green, green to blue…all that stuff. I can even change the eye colour to amber or gold, although I don’t do that except at fancy dress parties.

It’s really useful, you know?  Because I can change the way people look at me, change to just the right shade to match the time of day and really entrance them; I can make my eyes match my clothes, create just the right impression for that job interview.

This is all just part of my get-up, when I go for a job interview it’s for cover you see; I’m a corporate spy.  I use my contact lenses along with a nano-tech hair spray which changes the colour of my hair for a month, and I walk into that office like I’ve been there before.  I go through the motions, give them the spiel, because I have been there before; all these damned corporations are the same, know what I mean?

I mean, they’re all just smoke and mirrors; no different from my contact lenses really.  All I do is just get settled in, find out who everybody is and where everybody works, then look through all their files…money for old rope really.  Did I mention that my contact lenses can also film stuff and take pictures?  The images get streamed to a secure server somewhere, and a tiny implant in my ear works with the lenses and records sound.

Oh sure, there’s the risk I might get caught, but then I wasn’t really there was I?  Hell, even my blood and fingerprints are fake.  Good luck catching me pal, in the meantime, I’ll be sending your dirty laundry to your colleagues across the street.

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3 Responses to Creative writing prompt #42 – Altered state

  1. dental eggs says:

    I need a pair. I need many pairs.

  2. djmatticus says:

    I would love if I could switch my eyes to gold every once in awhile. That would be super cool!

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