Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

Assuming the land I was given was barren I would terraform it.  Frank Herbert had Pardot Kynes engage in terraforming in his science-fiction novel ‘Dune’.  Even if there was no stream, river or any body of water near by, I would make solar stills and extract what water I could from the air, to be able to water grasses.

Beach Grass, Ammophila arenaria

After the grasses have grown and are holding topsoil together, insects would appear along with birds which would in turn eat those.  I would be able to plant shrubs which would encourage other, larger mammals to appear and then I could use their dung to fertilise the land enough to plant trees.

Tree saplings

After the trees have grown, then assuming the plot of land was in a poor or developing country then I would encourage local communities to visit it and cultivate it to grow and harvest food and materials for their needs, in exchange for looking after it as I had done and preserving it for future generations.

Star fruit tree

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  1. terry1954 says:

    good job!!! like the way everything you say is natural. thanks for the ping back

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