Creative writing prompt #28 – Exciting banality

Office planking

Have you ever had to take a long and uneventful journey with somebody, then arrive at a government run applications office, wait for that person to queue all day, then return on that same long and uneventful journey?

Isn’t it exciting?!  It gets better if the smartphone hasn’t been invented yet, and you’re in a foreign country and don’t understand a thing about what’s going on or, wait for it (I did) – when it’s going to end!

That’s right folks, I spent two scintillating hours sat in a car on the way to this office without the language skills to talk to the driver, and lacking anything to talk about with my fellow passenger; no phone, no newspaper, no book, no nuthin!  Let me tell you, that’s when you know you’re really alive, when you value every second of your life as it slowly passes you by, knowing that you’ll never get it back.

The incredible tedium continued at the government licensing office, where my fellow passenger had to queue for a ticket, then queue for an application form, then fill it out, then queue to get the form stamped, then queue to hand in the form and get their documents examined, then queue for an eye test, then queue to submit the results of the eye test.  Then, wait for it; go back on another day to collect the driving license!

Can you imagine?  What an amazing privilege that was to meditate, ruminate upon the meaning of my existence, to practice my skills of imagination, to fully appreciate just how far I had come in my life and peer into the seemingly endless possibilities of my future.  I really can’t think of anything more exhilarating that this, except perhaps watching paint dry!

Oh, but wait, you’ll never guess what happened next; we went to the bank later that week!

I could hardly contain myself!!

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