Creative writing prompt #17 – My ideal place

My ideal place is a state of mind, because it doesn’t matter where I am if I’m feeling too miserable to enjoy it.

There again, if I had my way, I would be sat in a large park on a hot, sunny summers day, listening to some upbeat and relaxing music, and I would be in the perfect state of mind to enjoy it.

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

By the perfect state of mind, I mean laid back, feeling happy in a childish, silly sort of way.  Not worrying about anything, having the entire day to myself, letting my mind wonder.  The kind of things going through my mind would be imaginary conversations and situations (well, that’s what takes up most of my recreational thinking actually!), my reactions to current affairs, resolving problems, putting the world to rights, being a bit philosophical, that sort of thing.  I might look around me and mentally remark upon what I observe, thinking about how people I know might react to what they saw if they were looking through my eyes.  I would think back on stuff that I’ve written, and wonder how I might expand upon that and what more I could write about.  I would think about stuff that I want to write about.

I’m talking about the kind of park which you could spend a few hours in, one where you can walk from one park to another park (one big park or one big complex of parks); where the scenery is broken up by lots of different kinds of trees, open spaces, water features and so on.  I like to see some wildlife as well, hearing the birds if not seeing them, and seeing squirrels running about.  Not so fond of little biting insects or wasps, but bumble bees are ok.

It could be any large park mind you.  What I appreciate about parks is that they are somehow outside of the grey, drab, hard, dirty city which is the source of obligations, anxieties and stress.

The park is a very civilised way to appreciate nature most of the time, and a very pleasant place to walk around and think.  After a while of walking around, I feel relaxed and in a contemplative mood.  The sight of all the trees and green plants does something to soothe my soul, and in the relative silence I mentally slow down enough to notice life around me.

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