Creative writing prompt # 7 – If there was no electricity


Twelve things I could do if there was no electricity (within my current circumstances): –

  1. Read (paper based media)
  2. Write (pen and paper, or chalk and slate, etc)
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Go kickboxing
  5. Meditate
  6. Go to an art gallery
  7. Go cycling
  8. Cook something from a recipe book (there is a gas cooker/stove where I live)
  9. Attempt to teach myself how to draw
  10. Get a guitar and attempt to teach myself how to play that using a book
  11. Go ice-skating
  12. Meet friends at the pub and drink beer

Apart from that last one, these are all fairly beneficial activities.  Well, I have been reading books, writing on my blog (and could revert to pen and paper), I started kickboxing last night, I think about various things during the day and turn them over in my mind…so I think I’d be ok if there was a massive electro-magnetic blast from the Sun or whatever and we didn’t have electricity for a while.

However, this creative writing prompt doesn’t appear to be very creative; let’s make it a bit more fantastical…

Twelve things I could do if there was no electricity (beyond my current circumstances): –

  1. Win the lottery: then after buying a house, buying clothes, giving money to family and friends, giving money to charity, travelling etc start investing money in community based enterprises, innovative start-ups and academic research projects which change people’s lives for the better and make the world a better place
  2. Read ‘Shape-shifting for Dummies’: change into a large fire-breathing, winged dragon.  Fly to a mountain somewhere picturesque, find a nice snug cave.  Fly outside the front of the Bank of England and dig through the pavement and the tunnels of London Underground’s Bank Station to get at all the gold bars there, then haul it all off to my lair.  To make my bedding, I’ll have to melt the gold and shred it up with my claws as it cools.  Then I’d pop out for a take-away, probably a sheep
  3. Read ‘Necromancy for Dummies’: become a zombie master and have zombie slaves to do my bidding.  I’d start up a zombie sweatshop and sell cheap clothes to major fashion brands
  4. Read ‘Dolphin speak for Dummies’: talk to flipper and find out what’s really going on under the sea, maybe visit the ruins of Atlantis.  While I’m at it, learn whale and tell them to keep away from the bloody humans
  5. Learn how to sing and play guitar, become an acoustic rock star: nuff said about how fun it would be, not to mention all of the money I’d make which would enable me to carry out #1 on this list
  6. Become a martial arts expert: walk the earth and defend the weak and the just
  7. Take acting lessons and learn foreign languages: become a spy, since what they do is acting so convincingly as to blend in with other peoples cultures so as to appear to be native (this is so that they are not caught).  Life becomes a game of Russian Roulette, in which any slip of the tongue becomes a death sentence…
  8. Become a guerilla graffiti artist: I know, it’s old hat now but I would differentiate by only spray-painting subliminal messages which I would obtain from the ether by frequently eating copious amounts of hallucinogenic plants and fungi
  9. Learn how to code in various programming languages: replicate ‘The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect‘ (by Roger Williams), but without the existential angst.   I’d achieve this by reminding my AI that nothing is certain, nothing is impossible, and that no matter how much it thought, there would be no way of knowing what was going to happen next.   My AI would have an attitude more like the AI in Asimov’s ‘The Last Answer‘.  The electricity would have to be restored in some way, so I’d make my own power off grid, probably solar power
  10. Go out for a really long walk: exit my front door, walk to the coast, swim across the channel to France, walk to Russia and thence to Tunguska forest to see the giant meteorite crater.  Then make myself a bow and arrow and shoot rabbits for food, which I’d have to cook until very tender because I would have lost most of my molars on account of not brushing my teeth with anything but grass and stuff
  11. Build sandcastles and sculptures: but really big and elaborate ones.  I’d go to the beach and make my own fort, then sculpt fearsome looking gryphons, chimeras and wyverns to guard it.  I’d then work on a really big sandcastle, one so big that it wouldn’t be completely washed away until a big storm hit it, replete with aforementioned sand sculptures and a sand maze
  12. Learn how to pilot various aircraft: obtain seeds of marijuana plants and then fly around hot, sunny countries around the world spraying these seeds all over the damned place.  Every hot country, all over the world.  That’ll teach the pharmaceutical-military-industrial complex to engage in a costly and ineffective drug war using taxpayers money whilst private penal and security firms make money out of incarcerating people for minor offences involving the consumption of a plant whilst the senior justice officials get kick-backs and profit from shares in aforementioned conspiracy in order to augment their personal incomes and pension plans.  That’ll learn them all!

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