Creative writing prompt #3 – Real words, fictional meanings

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Words from Oxford dictionaries Twitter page, and the meanings made up by myself: –

Wentletrap: – a hole containing bait which attracts wentles, often part of a small trap comprised of a stick and a clod of earth.  The wentle enters the hole and the stick is displaced, the clod falls upon the wentle which covers it; the wentle reacts by falling asleep.

Rheme: – a stream of mucus originating from the nose, pulled out of the nose with one end of the mucus stream still attached to the nose: ‘a rheme of snot’.

Skulduggery: – the practice of hollowing out skulls, often vigorously, whilst in the act of consuming the brain meat inside.

Flexitarian: – an elderly contortionist.

Sillage: – the rich, earthy soil which slides off riverbanks and into the water, to be washed away downstream.

Prestidigitation: – the act of causing jewellery to appear upon persons in an audience by pointing at where the jewellery is to materialise.  A popular conjurer routine, the existence of the jewellery is often temporary.

Felific: – an adjective describing how fell something is.

Flavescent: – glowing with flavour, whereupon the flavour radiates from the food or drink and permeates or engulfs the senses depending on how flavescent the food or drink is.

Junknaroo: – a cross between a kangaroo and an aardvark; a denizen of junk yards, scrap yards and landfill sites.  It is covered in hard spines upon which fragments, materials and objects accrete, hanging from its body and giving it the appearance of a mound of junk skipping or ambling around.

Bombardon: – a reptilian creature which lives in trees and forms balls made out of mud and a toxic, smelly, irritating fluid which it excretes from its abdomen.  It throws these at predators and prey alike to scare or stun them with brute force and by overwhelming the senses.

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