Creative writing prompt #2 – Photo

Somerset House - August 2012This photo was taken at Somerset House, London, UK, in August 2012.

I had seen a TV advertisement by Film 4 which said that they were screening movies there, and since I had always wanted to watch a movie there I bought a ticket for the only movie they had on their schedule which I hadn’t yet seen, ‘Enter the Void’.

The photo was taken before the movie was scheduled to be screened, I had arrived early to get myself a spot. Turned out later that this was not an option, because people had to go and queue at a set time and not just wait in the square; nevertheless it was a good opportunity to take photos.

When I arrived, I was feeling pleased with myself for having gone ahead and acted on impulse and bought the ticket (I could have acted on the TV ad or been lazy and forgotten about it as I had on so many other occasions when this event had been advertised), and quite excited to be there.

While I was taking photos, images of similar buildings I had seen in life and in movies flashed in my mind’s eye and part of my mind absent mindedly tried to connect those images with memories to pinpoint their origin and context.  I felt privileged, because I was at this unique event and it was out of the ordinary for me.  I probably also felt privileged because Somerset House is a rather impressive place to be at; a big, posh old building with history and culture associated with it.

I remember feeling happy that it was such a nice sunny day for once, and feeling relaxed as well as slightly excited about being there (sunny days always make me feel happy and relaxed).  I also felt slightly frustrated at there being so much sunshine in the way of my field of vision when taking photos, because I knew the sunlight would make parts of the photo seem darker than I could see they were in real life; I knew the photos wouldn’t do justice to the bright and vibrant scene I was looking at, but I felt determined to do my best to get a photo which was as true to what I was seeing and feeling as possible.

Looking at the photo now, I see a couple in the picture walking towards the cinema screen.  This was a theme at the event; there were lots of couples and groups of couples, hardly any single people.  I remember feeling like a child amongst a large crowd of grown-ups, strangers with lives I couldn’t imagine or emulate.  I remember feeling out of place.  I still felt excited to be there and to watch the movie which I hadn’t seen before, but I also felt like it would have been much better if I’d brought friends with me.  Not that I was alone however, I got talking with some of the people around me, but I still felt like a kid, and I still felt like I was different from them; they might have been younger than me physically (me being in my early thirties and they being in their late twenties), but they were very much the adults in my eyes.

When I look at this photo I feel happy and relaxed because I see the sunlight, I feel pleased with myself for having taken the time out to attend the event, and I feel anxious because even though I’m in my early thirties (rapidly approaching mid-thirties), I still feel like a child.

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