Creative writing prompt #1 – Towel

Blue towel

The towel is blue.  It is a large bathroom towel, probably made of a mixture of cotton and polyester.  The material is rough now, it exfoliates my skin when I dry my body with it after a shower.  The shape of the towel is a longish rectangle.  I only mention the longish aspect of the shape because you know how short rectangles can be sometimes.

I got this towel from Argos, as part of a cheap bale set.  I needed the towel because my ex-wife was leaving me and she had taken custody of our marital towels, which I had absolutely no objection to.  New towels, new start as far as I was concerned (gonna wash that woman right out of my hair, and send her on her way!).

I’ve had this towel, its twin and its two smaller siblings (they are face flannels) for over a year and a half now.  I suppose I should go out and buy new towels, but I’ll leave that until I move out of my current digs; I think that this will be in April this year.

The towel that I am currently using hangs off the coat hook rack on my bedroom door, and the other towel sits in the drawer of my chest of drawers waiting for its turn.  Once a week, I put the towel I’ve been using in the laundry basket and put the other towel on the coat rack.

After I’ve washed the towels, they both smell fresh and feel much softer than when I’ve put them in the laundry basket.  I suppose that tumbling about in the soapy water inside the galvanised steel drum dissolves the dead skin around the fibres of the towel and perks them up a bit.  Perhaps the towel feels rough because of all the dead skin and solidified epidermal excretia, the fibres of the towel becoming as rough and solid as the trees against which Baloo the bear rubbed his back in Disney’s animated classic ‘The Jungle Book’.  Maybe those fibres, fresh from being tumble dried after their thorough and cleansing ablutions, are celebrating and waving around in sheer joy as I shake out the towel, fold it and put it in the drawer or hang it on the coat rack.

The life of a towel huh?

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