Black Holes

Black Hole MilkywayThis is my favourite black hole description website.  You click through the pictures and descriptions to learn about black holes.

It gets to the point where they provide information on what might happen after the event horizon has been crossed by a star ship.  My personal favourite is this explanation from the site;

“The first theory states that the ship would continue to stretch and accelerate towards the singularity eventually fusing with the massive object becoming one with the black hole.

This one suits my thinking on black holes, which is that the black hole is not some magical thing the size of a pin head, which sucks in and crushes anything including light and then spits it out somewhere else.

Nope, a black hole is really a ball or an ovoid.  It is roughly the same shape as the star it once was, and it has the same mass (before suckage).  It’s small alright, as small as it is possible for something the size of a black hole candidate star to be crushed into.  It spins at something like a thousand times a second, and it is this speed along with the mass of the black hole that generates the ridiculously strong gravity of a black hole.

It is essentially a relatively small ball of hyper dense matter, spinning at phenomenal speeds and pulling everything towards it.  The ball sits on or in the fabric of space (which you could compare to honey for the sake of this example).  Eventually, over time, the ball would grow bigger in size and start to slow down.  Finally, the ball would become another star or a ball of very interesting rock.


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